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Bear by Rima Staines

I've begun recording things again. It's been a long while, but this is a slow-burning fire of a project - to put together some kind of regular spoken-word offering, including some recordings of poetry and prose, but also some late-night meanderings through the subjects I love to think and talk about... Poetry, truth, love, language, land, belonging, living sanely at the end of this age...

It's going to be a while yet - last night I recorded Nettle-Eater and a few thoughts, self-consciously, in the barn across the field whilst Rima and our boy slept. It was good - I enjoyed it and the words didn't die entirely on my tongue. I don't know where my work is going, but the spoken aspect of it becomes more and more fulfilling and enjoyable. Let's see where this strange ship takes us.

In the meantime, I'll be storytelling next weekend at the Buzzard Fayre here in mid-Devon, which I'll be at with Hedgespoken. Maybe see you there? Tickets are £35 for the whole weekend, and kids are free. It's going to be grand.

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