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Bear by Rima Staines

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Tom Hirons of HedgespokenBorn and raised on the Suffolk-Norfolk border in East Anglia, Tom has been storytelling publicly for over 15 years and writing for much longer. He is beginning to learn how to do both slightly better than before. Tom is also sometimes a craftsman, having been a leatherworker since 1999, and is occasionally a community acupuncturist. He is author of the poem Sometimes a Wild God.

Generally furious about the brutalised world, Tom has tried various approaches to doing something about it. Now, here in 2017, Hedgespoken travelling storytelling theatre is his main focus, an elliptical approach to changing the world, blessed with plenty of Trickster and a good helping of unfathomable magic. See their website for more about what he and Rima are up to. Essentially a cheerful fellow driven to fury by our circumstances, Tom is calmed most effectively by walking, by the deep greenwood and by true words spoken.

Tom's work has appeared in the Dark Mountain books, some in the Earth First! Journal and some in EarthLines. Check all of those out – there’s good things to be found.

Tom hopes you unearth something here that provokes you into a deeper relationship with this marvellous world, or sings a remembering song to you or inspires some kind of cathartic fit that takes you home via the stars… There's much to lament and grieve, and much to be angry about and take action against, but to be alive is an incredible thing. We may die tomorrow, so let us live fully while we can.

(Photo by Franci Donovan-Brady, 2016)

Tom's work available from Hedgespoken Press

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